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Graphtec Pro Studio - Graphic Design Software


It is the software for creating original designs and has enhanced functions such as auto-shapes, shading, and editing functions. It is like the popular graphics design software as the Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. It can also configure the cutting conditions and other settings on the plotter. Importing of EPS, Ai, CMX, and PDF file types are supported. Graphics created with other popular design software can be imported into this software.


    • Creating the registration marks.
    • Tiling (split the object)
    • Matrix copy
    • Weed lines and border
    • Tool assignment
    • Supports newest ARMS 6.0 on FCX2000
    • Offline operation using the USB flash memory
    • Data management using bar-code with USB flash memory
    • Reverse side Cutting/Creasing using registration marks
    • Expanded cutting area
    • Creating registration marks in reversed color
    • Lines pattern
    • Outline
    • Combine objects
    • Fill
    • Auto-trace
    • Imports Adobe Illustrator/CorelDRAW file

Graphtec Pro Studio Plus (Option)

It is enhanced edition of Graphtec Pro Studio. It is optional software with functions for improving productivity and creating advanced designs. Additional functions include: transformation of graphics and characters, automatic sequence number inserting, bar-code, templates for rhinestone creation, nesting, directional change of cutting lines, changing cutting order, and more.
In addition to the full function version software "Graphtec Pro Studio Plus", two new edition in to lineup , "Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Auto Nesting" and "Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Rhinestone" as a essential function version software which enable to choose depending on customers application.

Supported OS:  Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7


Major features of Graphtec Pro Studio Plus

  • Deformation, shadow, and stripe of texts and shapes
  • Check the spelling - Spell of wording is able to check in 11 languages. It enables to keep higher productivity by preventing misspelling.`
  • Vectoring
  • Filter for bitmap image
  • Serialized number, Bar-code, QR code, etc.
  • Power Nest (Nesting)
  • Cutting simulation (Changing cutting order)
  • Rhinestone Creation


Supported cutting plotter FCX4000 / CE LITE / CE6000 PLUS / FCX2000 / FC8600 / FC4500 / CE6000 / FC8000 / CE5000 / FC2250
Supported OS Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
Category Function Graphtec Pro Studio for Rhinestone for Auto Nesting Graphtec Pro Studio Plus Description
File Acquire Image X X X X Capturing the image from the scanner.
Archive to Cloud X X X X Saving the job to the SAiCloud.
Send to Approval Tool X X X X Saving the job to the approval tool on the SAiCloud.
Work-space X X X X Switching the location of the menus and buttons like the style of the software that is familiar with you.
View Color X X X X Editing the color.
Show X X X X Displaying the ruler, grid and guide lines.
Snap X X X X Moving the object relative to the guide or grid.
Arrange Group X X X X Grouping objects.
Lock X X X X Locking the object for setting to non editable.
Contour Cut X X X X Creating a contour cutting line of objects.
Convert to Outlines X X X X Converting the object to path.
Path Direction X X X X Specifying the direction of cutting when the object data is output.
Order X X X X Arrange the selected object as bring to the front or send to the back.
Align X X X X Aligning the object to reference that is specified in sub-menu.
Distribute X X X X Distributing all objects evenly in the effective area by the specified method.
Nest - - X X Performing the simple nesting by moving the object along the X- or Y-axis.
True Shape Nes - - X X Performing the advanced nesting by moving the object including the rotation.
Deskew - - - X Correcting a skew of the imported image from the scanner.
Step and Repeat X X X X Performing complex replication as the matrix copy.
Auto Serialize - - - X Creating a copy of the object that has the serialized number in each copy.
Cut Order - - - X Starting the cutting simulator that shows the cutting order in the animation.
Text Font X X X X Setting the font type of the character.
Justification X X X X Aligning the string of text.
Find/Replace X X X X Search or replacing the text.
Check Spelling - - - X Checking the spelling.
Case X X X X Switching between uppercase and lowercase in letters.
Insert Symbols - - - X Creating the Braille, bar code, QR code, and data matrix.
Effects Combine X X X X Combining objects.
Lens - - - X Changing the appearance by applying a lens effect to overlapped objects.
Contour Cut X X X X Creating the cutting line of objects.
Contour Cut Mark X X X X Creating the registration marks to the object that has  the cutting line.
Page Contour Cut Mark X X X X Cutting the object that is located the outside area enclosed by the registration marks.
Distortion - - - X Deforming the object.
Shadow  Only drop shadow Only drop shadow Only drop shadow X Adding shadows to objects.
Color Trapping - - - X Removing the overlapping portions of objects without a gap
Brend  - - - X Creating new objects that is changing the shape and color in stepwise between the specified two objects.
Rhinestone Fill - X - X Creating holes for the rhinestone that fills the object or fits the contour of the object.
Bitmap Bitmap Edit Toolbar X X X X Editing a bitmap object.
Vectorize (Auto-trace) X X X X Automatically converting the bitmap object to the path.
Vectorize (Others) - - - X Converting the bitmap object to the path.
Rasterize - - - X Converting a vector object into a bitmap.
Filters - - - X Applying filter effect to the bitmap object.
Tools Vector Eraser X X X X Clearing any objects in the area that specify by dragging of the eraser tool.
Cleaver by Path - - Splitting the created object, each split object can be edited.
Cut/Plot Preview window  X X X X Moving the tool carriage that response to the position change of the cutting job.
Preview X X X X Showing the actually cutting job size by moving the tool carriage.
Copies X X X X Specifying the number of copies of the job.
Repeat job X X X X Specifying to send the job to the cutter repeatedly.
Centering X X X X Specifying location of the job on the page.
Rotate X X X X Rotating the job in 90 degree.
Mirror X X X X Creating the mirror image of the job.
Total tiles X X X X Displaying the total number of tiles. (Indication only)
Weed lines X X X X Adding lines for weeding.
Weed border X X X X Adding the border line in the specified margin for weeding.
Driver option Color only Color only Color only X Enabling to specify the cutting condition for each color / layer.
Change order of color or layer Color only Color only Color only X Specifying the cutting order for each color / layer.
Pause between colors or layers Color only Color only Color only X Pausing after the end of cutting of each color / layer.
Import or export the cutting condition settings X X X X Saving or loading the cutting conditions.
Over cut X X X X Cutting the contour line longer by the specified length in order to completely cut objects.
Eliminate line-segment overlap X X X X Deleting the overlapped paths or others.
Position offset X X X X Moving the cutting job in specified distance.
Offset in registration mark X X X X Adjusting the cutting position within the area enclosing the registration marks.
Divide (cut segment) X X X X Performing the process for each segmented area when there are additional registration marks on the cutting job.
Revers-side Registration Mark X X X X Making process at the reverse-side using the registration marks printed on the front surface.
Save to file X X X X Creating the plot file for offline operation.
Use Bar-code X X X X Creating the bar-code for managing the cutting data.
Reversed color mark X X X X Creating the registration marks in reversal color that is the white mark on black background.
Color selection of mark X X X X Specify the color of mark line and the color of paint around mark.
Smart Nest - - X X Dividing the data and arrange it in the margin area of the media, when cutting data larger than the media size.