HP Latex 115 Printer

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The HP Latex 115 is HP’s new entry into the large format market - at 54-inches wide, the L315 is equipped with everything needed to begin producing highly versatile and outstanding graphics for either indoors or outdoor application.

The HP Latex 115 and 315 are comparable in almost every aspect, but there are a few important differences. While the inks themselves are the same, the HP 115 uses smaller cartridges than the HP 315 – the 115’s ink cartridges are 400ml whereas the 315’s are 775ml. The HP Latex 315 also has the OMAS sensor, which helps with skew alignment on media loading and also helps with skew tracking while printing. This is especially useful for larger jobs. And, speaking of larger jobs, the HP 315 enables the user to do “continuous printing”, minimises the curing time between jobs that have the same print parameters.