What can you print with a UV flatbed?

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What can you print with a UV flatbed?

August 14, 2019 3 min read

When it comes to UV curable printers like the Mimaki UJF, just what are they good for…well it seems quite a lot actually

We often get asked ‘what can I print with UV inks?’ and as my eyes flit around our demo room and I ponder wistfully about the customers products we’ve tested and trialled for the, it seems the question really is ‘what can’t I print!’

Now, the larger UV machines like the Mimaki JFX range are designed for maximum production output. Big jobs on big sheets printed quickly, efficiently and accurately. Boards such as core fluted polypropylene for estate agent signs, display boards for hanging signs and aluminium composite for sign trays and external graphics. These machines can churn out board after board and keel going for as long as you fill the bed with stock.  

The small machines like the UJF can still print on all the above substrates. It’ll happily create printed plaques, tent cards and smaller signage for walls. It’s the same tech as it’s bigger brothers so what it can product is only determined by the bed size and not the product. 

Ok, small signs and plaques are fine but what else?

Glad you asked. We’ve seen an explosion of innovative ideas for printed products within the promotional space. Companies have either taken a printer like the UJF in house or gone to the trade for everything from key fobs to coasters, pens to pencil cases. 

With all the digital technology, one of the major benefits is in the individuality of each job. Need unique items for each company giveaway? No problem. Looking for something truly personalised to go out with each targeted mail-shot? With one of these in-house, it’s all possible.  

Promotional accessories for tech are always popular whether it’s a business producing then for retail or promotion. Phone and tablet cases, power banks and USB memory sticks are simple to print, cost effective to produce and great swag to hand out. A UV printer can even print onto boards, remote controls and laptop fronts if needed.

Looking to print onto golf balls, bottle openers or bottle caps? The easiest way to product smaller objects is to use jig. The jig holds a number of the items in place and makes it possible to print many items in one set up plus anything irregularly shaped. There are jigs available off the shelf or can be made specifically for your niche - get in touch and we can help with what’s available. 

Reusable tote type bags are proving a hit. As the shops (and us) move away from disposable bags and non-recyclable plastics, the canvas and cotton tote bags are a great way to both promote a brand and be practical and reused. 

With the addition of the ‘kebab’ roller for printing on cylindrical objects, a whole hose of new products are made possible. Add the roller and you can now print onto sports waters bottles and reusable coffee cups. UV inks will key and stay scratch-proof on metal, plastic, glass or card. So cups, bottles, mugs and every drink receptacle in-between can be personally printed and stay looking sharp for longer. 

This post should have given you a small overview on just how capable these machines are and that the only limit for what they can print onto is imagination. 

If you check our youtube video, you’ll also see that they cab even print multiple products in one go. 

For more info on the Mimaki UJF, visit this post .

For anything specific - testing your products or for any printed samples - get in touch, and we’ll answer anything you need to know.

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