Retac Textures – Digital Wallpaper With A Difference

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Retac Textures – Digital Wallpaper With A Difference

August 29, 2019 2 min read

We’ve already covered digital wallpapers in this  post, but I wanted to delve a little deeper into an innovative wall covering product from Drytac within their Retac range.

The installation of digital wallcoverings falls under two main categories - pasteable and self-adhesive.

If your installer is a decorator then its quite possible they’ll be expecting something that goes up with a paste. If its someone more comfortable with applying vinyl graphics then a self-adhesive product is probably right up their street.
To make the install much simpler try to stick with what they are used to.

As an aside, with a self-adhesive product, there is no need for a pasting table, bucket and all the other paraphernalia that goes with a pasteable product. That doesn’t make it better or worse - that depends again on who’s fitting - but it certainly can make it an easier fit-out.

Drytac’s Retac Textures range is designed to open up the world of digital wallpaper and wall murals to the print company who is more used to handling self-adhesives.

Made from a phthalate-free polymeric PVC, it’s both flexible and highly durable to cover any wall blemishes or uneven surfaces. We’d always recommend ensuring the wall is nice and smooth however as it can only hide so much and besides, you want that bold and bright mural to look great, don’t you?

The PVC face is designed to take full coverage hi-def images laid down by UV, latex or eco-solvent inks with ease. We did say bold and bright!

However, it's not the face that’s the clever part. That’s round the back of the film with the adhesive that Drytac has designed to help stick it to the wall.

Drytac's exclusive Retac glue is ultra-removable making repositioning an absolute doddle. It won't stick to itself like a standard vinyl, meaning it can be removed and reapplied multiple times until it looks perfect.

They also guarantee that as long as the wall it's going onto is sound, it will not create any surface damage when being removed. And that’s even after a couple of years of being stuck in place.

Its the all-in-one self-adhesive wallcovering solution for retail, office, trade shows, museums and public buildings where creative colour and clever graphics can help a space really stand out.

With the Retac adhesive, it doesn’t even matter if the install is temporary or semi-permanent. Its a simple process of removal when the show is over or if the place needs a refresh.

As for finishes, Retac Textures also has you covered. Drytac looked at the most popular textures and created four different embosses: canvas, sand, linen and a woodgrain-like finish. All with the same ultra-removable adhesive and all designed to be the simplest digital wallpaper solution.

If you’re looking for samples of the different finishes, get in touch and we’ll post them out.

Digitally printed wall coverings are one of the major growth areas within the print sector (see this post) – make sure your business is not missing out.

See Drytac ReTac Wall Install video below

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