Mimaki’s UJF Range - The Perfect Promotional Printer?

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Mimaki’s UJF Range - The Perfect Promotional Printer?

October 15, 2018 3 min read

One of our previous posts looked at the large format JFX Mimaki range and how they are an ideal fit for a busy production environment. The JFX’s little cousin, the UJF, may just be the same excellent fit but for a different purpose altogether. It’s no secret that the Mimaki UJF series is finding itself a great fit in a number of very varied industries. Let’s delve into the range and see why it’s becoming such a popular machine.


Mimaki UJF Series

The UJF series consists of three different machines with a flatbed size of either A3 or A2. 
They use the same UV flatbed technology I spoke about in the JFX post plus the same light-curable and super-durable inks are used in an identical process to the bigger machines. Proven technology but this time put inside a much smaller package. The UJFs have a choice of rigid or flexible inks depending on end application of the printed items and there are options of up to 9 colours including white, clear plus a primer. All these ink options make for a vibrant, eye-catching and unique final product. And that highly individual end product is exactly what these machines were designed for.


For low volume or bespoke output, the UJF series can’t be beaten in terms of versatility and quality. It’s designed to print the tiniest text onto pens, key rings or USB sticks. 
Intricate logos and slogans are no problem even in small font types.Looking to produce individual high-quality and cost-effective phone cases? No problem. Product prototypes or unique one-offs? Again, the UJF series can create in its stride.

Its the ideal desktop printer for anywhere that needs promotional items printed on the fly. 
The bed can take substrates up to 153mm thick and there is even a ‘kebab rack’ for anything cylindrical that needs rotating while printing.

With clear or coloured substrates, the UJF series can print a simultaneous white under or overprint. Underprinting white stops coloured ink on clear looking washed out, overprinting white is ideal for when reverse printing.


Recently upgraded, the UJF series is now in its second iteration. Mimaki claims that the MkII models have a 20% productivity increase on the previous models.The tough scratch resistant ink comes via a bulk ink setup - either 250ml or 1litre bottles. They have the same MAPS, MFD and variable dot systems - I mentioned these in this post on Mimaki’s solvent range.

Mimaki also states it’ll carry on printing should a clogged nozzle occur. We’ve been creating how-to videos for nozzle checking and cleaning. I guess with this machine, we can keep the video camera in the bag!
 To keep on printing, the UJF series relies on a series of clever innovations. 

The NCU or Nozzle Check Unit emits light through the printhead’s nozzles. If ink is passing through the nozzles, the light can’t beam through. If it can, it means the nozzle is clogged and it automatically starts a clean yet carries on printing.

If it can’t effectively flush the nozzle, the Nozzle Recovery System will substitute it for a spare one instead. 
All done as it’s still printing your acrylic blocks or custom packaging.


If you’ve opted for the white ink setup, Mimaki Circulation Technology regularly circulates the white ink to stop any sediment forming. 
Mimaki knows that white ink may not be in as regular use as the other colours so the MCT keeps the white stable, ever-ready and potentially prevents head cleans.

It’s all high tech stuff even though the UJF series machines aren’t meant to be production powerhouses. 
After seeing one in action on our demo suite though, I’m sure they would be more than happy printing 24/7 365 days a week ( if you’ve got enough pens and key rings to keep filling it! )


For more information on the UJF MkII series, our product pages are here. ( https://granthams.co.uk/collections/uv-flatbed/products/mimaki-ujf-3042-6042-mkii-flatbed-printers )

If you need an answer to something specific or would like to pop over to see our UJF in the demo suite in Preston, get in touch on 01772 920411or sales@granthams.co.uk

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