New Roland TrueVIS VG2 - The Pinnacle of Solvent Print Tech?

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New Roland TrueVIS VG2 - The Pinnacle of Solvent Print Tech?

August 05, 2019 3 min read

With each new launch there is the inevitable fanfare from every printer manufacturer but sometimes, we can be left not really knowing why the latest and greatest differs so much (and whether its worth the extra investment) over the previous generation.

When Roland launched the TrueVIS VG2, we wanted to go under the bonnet to see exactly where the differences are and just how much extra value it could bring to your business.

The VG2 promises a whole host of improvements on previous Roland machines. Some of these come from the machine itself and others are linked to the new TR2 ink set. We’ll cover both in this post and anywhere that you need more clarity on the claims and want to discuss (or see) the differences, talk to us and we’ll gladly answer any specific questions.

Firstly, were you aware that the VG2 is the 16th generation of print & cut machine from Roland? Our post on Roland’s history in print looks at how the company has grown and developed but sixteen generations? That’s some pedigree.

The main improvements on the new machine itself are primarily down to how the media runs through the printer. Roland have updated the alignment modes for operating both the print and the cut guaranteeing optimal accuracy.

They’ve also brought in multi point crop mark tracking with automatic alignment. It seems with the TrueVIS VG2 it really is a case of set the printer up, hit start and let the machine take over.

With any nip or pinch roller, there can always be a risk of the rollers causing unwanted lines in precured ink.

Roland have tweaked the pressure of the side pinch wheel to combat potential issues along with adding new middle pinch rollers that raise automatically prior to the start of the cutting process.

By lifting these middle rollers out of the way, it allows the media to be cut without the rollers travelling over the printed area. Clever stuff.

The VG2 employs a whole new system of media handling with loading from the rear of the machine along with an updated media clamp system for simple sheet cutting. Not the easiest things to explain in a written post but get in touch and we can show you the new loading and handling changes.

Although it’s not a brand new attribute to the TrueVIS Range, the VG2 also utilises 500ml ink sacks versus the classic cartridge method. The sack minimises plastic waste and uses nearly every drop of ink, which ultimately gives Roland the edge against other manufacturers who continue to use cartridges.

The ink heads incorporate a brand new nozzle masking mode which allows printing to continue even if the printhead shows a defect. Jobs are finished first and the printhead will run nozzle recovery only after the printing is completed.

Print downtime and lost work from nozzles dropping out? Not anymore.

Talking of the printheads, Roland have also improved the options with three defined settings for head height. Having different heights available ensures accurate inkjet firing and helps maintain overall sharpness of the printed image.

From the printheads to the inks and with the new TR2 ink set Roland have added orange to the colour mix instantly creating a wider available gamut.

Couple this with the new TrueRICH colour management preset and the complete Pantone orange colour library and you’ll never be left stumbling over a colour match again.

Matching logo and corporate colours? Not an issue. In Roland’s words: the new TR2 inks ensure “vibrant colour can be combined with neutral greys, smooth gradations and natural skin tones to create stunning graphics.”

The TR2 inks have also been fully tested by both 3M and Avery with both giving the inks their full accreditation. For internal projects, TR2 inks are certified GREENGUARD Gold for safe indoor graphic applications.

During testing by Avery, they found that they could successfully print and overlaminate with the vinyl only gassing out for 6 hours meaning same day production is now easily achievable.

For vehicle graphics, cast vinyl also achieved up to 200% stretch with no impact on the ink’s excellent adhesion and high rub resistance.

Same day vehicle wraps with up to 200% stretch and the incredible colour vibrancy of a solvent printer? With a look?

Oh, and it's also the quickest Roland printer yet.

Get in touch to discuss further or make an appointment to pop over and have a look in our demo room.

The new Roland TrueVIS VG2 could be just the machine to really maximise your print production in 2019.

If you’re looking for more on what this new Roland can achieve, this article has more on Roland’s TrueVIS technology.

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