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Used equipment

July 11, 2018 3 min read

Take me to the used large format printers

When the time has come to upgrade your printing equipment, what to do with your existing kit can sometimes be a difficult choice.
Maybe keep it on the off chance it will be needed down the line or perhaps trade it in against that new purchase.

There are sometimes trade in offers from the main manufacturers and its always worth checking with us if you are looking to bring in new equipment.
But what if you’re just looking to either sell off or you’re on the lookout for used printer equipment deals?

At Granthams we came up with a way to help you simply move on your gear or make it easy to find second user print kit that we can vouch for.

Whether you’re looking to move on a HP, secure a second hand Roland, or find a used Mimaki printer for sale, have a look on the website for wide format printer offers.

As you’d expect, we know a lot of the print companies and have sold a lot of equipment over the years.

We’re not saying we sold all the kit that turns up on our used and ex demo page but for most items, we know a bit about the history.

Sell used printing equipment with Granthams

If you’re looking to post all we ask is for some honest info about the machine.
When was it purchased? Is there any remaining warranty? Are there any extras such as ink cartridges or a take-up unit?

We’ll add all this info to the listing along with a couple of images or a short video to show off your machine.
If more info is needed - technical specifications or data - get in touch and we’ll forward on all the relevant details to help you make the right choice.

We’ve helped to sell on many of our customer’s surplus printers, laminators and plotters. 
From the initial enquiry about selling the kit, we can normally get the info and post up the same day and when its ready to find a new home, we can also assist with any service, support, installation or training to the new owner.

If you’re unsure about what price to pitch your printer, we can also help point you in the right direction with that too.

Looking to clear the decks and sell? There’s no charge for adding your machine to our site.

Now, yo may be wondering "what's in it for Granthams?" 
It's a fair question, as it's rare you get anything for free, but the used page is more of an approach to simply getting our name out there, and offer solutions for our customers, even if it's not directly benefitting us.

If from this we were also able to help line up some new kit going forward with either the seller or interested buyer, this would of course be a significant bonus, but it's not our primary focus.

Any potential buyers showing an interest in your listed equipment would be put into direct contact with you to discuss the sale and this is as far as our involvement would go unless there was anything else you needed from us.

Buying used large format equipment with Granthams

Hankering over a new-to-you piece of kit? We don’t take any commission from any sale so once agreed, the price you pay is the total price.

There is a reference code next to the item on the website - call or email to let us know you're interested. Helpfully, there's also the location to know whereabouts in the country its located.
The negotiations will be done directly with the owner.

Think of Granthams as your digital matchmaker helping you to find the best deals on used printing equipment.

Sounds like a win-win if you’re searching for a second hand wide format printer, laminator or any used sign making equipment.
We even see used UV flatbed printers turn up so keep the page bookmarked and check back as it is regularly updated as more deals come in.

To find out what's currently on the page, click here for the latest Granthams used printing equipment deals.

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