Inkjet cartridge recycling

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Inkjet cartridge recycling

July 11, 2018 2 min read

It seems everyday we turn on the TV news and catch a report about the use of plastics and how the UK is trying to clamp down and reduce the quantity in circulation.

At Granthams, we take recycling seriously and when Mimaki and Hybrid put together a solvent inkjet cartridge recycling initiative we were only too happy to be part of it.

Aimed at Mimaki users, the ‘Lets Do More’ campaign is all about getting their ink cartridges away from possible landfill and instead, be recycled and reused.

Hybrid estimate that each year 40 tonnes of solvent ink cartridges end up in landfill.

Without an easy route to send them on, most print companies send them out with the rest of their waste. 
Make schemes difficult, and it’s in all of our natures to take the simplest option….. put them in the skip with the rest of the waste and they are collected and disposed of out of sight.

Make it easy though, and we have no problem making the right choice.

This is exactly what Mimaki, Hybrid and Granthams have decided to do.


1 Are your inks part of the ‘MORE’ program?

Currently Mimaki SS21, SS2 and HS are covered as part of the scheme.


2 Arrange collection.

Let us know how many and where to collect from. We’ll do the rest.


3 Have a free one on us!

After you’ve shipped in 45 empties, we’ll give you a free full one to say thank you for helping take your ink cartridges out of landfill. Its a win-win all round!

Produced by your recycled cartridges

 In Australia, recycled cartridges are turned into a synthetic alternative to timber, concrete and virgin plastics. Called eWood, the end product can be used to manufacture benches, raised garden beds and fences.

Those ingenious Australians also recycle the toner from the cartridges into an alternative to asphalt or tarmac called TonerPave. The toner is refined to produce an additive which improves the longevity of the asphalt.

Recycled cartridges leading to longer lasting roads - who would have thought it!

Similar products are created from recycled plastics in the UK. 
Maybe not the toner roads (yet… ) but every ink cartridge you send back will be reused. 

We have convenient ways to recycle our rubbish at home - different bins for different waste types and we do it because it’s a simple task.

The ‘MORE’ scheme is just as easy - get in touch, let us have the details and we’ll save your cartridges from ending up in landfill.
Who knows, one day the A59 out of Preston may be partly made up of your used Mimaki carts!

HP does offer recycling as part of their environmental commitments but there isn’t currently a scheme like Mimaki’s ‘MORE’ campaign. 

Need something specific? Get in touch and we'll put you straight.


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