Antalis Academy Time Management Workshop

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Antalis Academy Time Management Workshop

July 09, 2018 3 min read

Its not just your machinery that needs to run at optimal settings. 

Its your people too. 
New ideas, tutoring and education can generate as much profit as that new piece of print equipment.

We take staff education seriously here at Granthams and, at a recent business meet up, a course at the Antalis Academy was mentioned by more than one of our colleagues.

The Antalis Academy Time Management Workshop is aimed at focussing on the actions of salespeople and coming up with ways to make them much more efficient in their work. 
A high performing salesperson without the stress of not knowing what’s coming next, is exactly what your company needs. This course is all about getting your people closer to that result.

The course is aimed at relatively new salespeople, the ones who may not yet have had any formal sales training. Its a common theme that the new person is dropped off in the territory with a list of contacts and through grinding it out, they find what works and what doesn’t. 
Antalis’ course, whilst not guaranteed to turn everyone into a Richard Branson or Anita Roddick, is all about creating a rock steady foundation to build upon.
If your salespeople know what tasks generate more potential income and they don’t have to think about every minutiae to get up and achieving, think how much simpler the whole process would be.

I know its a cliche but the world is a busy place and doesn’t seem to be slowing at all - any programmes to help get you or your staff on track has got to help.

The course covers time management and how to effectively prioritise the day and weeks to make the most impact.

Under the spotlight comes the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule.

Roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This theory works with pretty much everything. 

80% of your jobs come from 20% of your customers, 80% of your customers only order 20% of your products and 20% of your staff may be doing 80% of the overall work.
By knowing which customers fall into the 20% that will potentially have the greatest rewards, a salesperson should no longer find themselves running around chasing opportunities that may never come to fruition.

There is a section on how to manage email (that could be a full day’s agenda in itself…!), and another on effective territory management.
With the roads and motorways being what they are, anything that keeps us in the car less and customer facing more has got to be of help to any organisation.

SMART objectives are discussed covering how, where and why you should use them.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related - how many did you know? 
By taking the time to define actions with your team, you can develop strategies that help everyone achieve.

If you’re looking at time training solutions for your sales staff then this course certainly ticks all the boxes. 

Antalis run many courses through their Academy from applying vinyl graphics to getting the most out of your RIP software and colour management. 
One of the big bonuses with their courses is that they are presented by outside specialists, who are experts in their field.

This particular programme, is delivered in conjunction with the Independent Print Industries Association and is taught by an experienced sales specialist from within the print sector. 
Valuable information taught by people who know our industry.

Now, I just need to find a minute to get myself booked in....


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