Roland TrueVIS - Colour As You’ve Never Seen It?

July 02, 2019 2 min read

As you look through our Roland sales information and on the product pages online here, you’ll notice the new machines use something called TrueVIS technology.

But what exactly is this TrueVIS and why should it matter for your business?

Starting off with the SG printer and now the new VG2 model, TrueVIS is the name given to the technology driving the TR2 inkset and it’s revolutionary super-wide colour gamut.

Available as either 2 banks of CMYK, 7 colour plus white ink and 8 colour with the all-new orange, TrueVIS is aimed squarely at making sure your images are as punchy and as colour accurate as possible.

Why Is This Important?

Starting from the first days of litho printing, all machines initially came with the standard 4 colours.

Cyan, magenta and yellow can create a full range of colours but the colour space from just these three (the total amount of all colour shades and hues achievable) is limited. Adding black into the mix helps but certain tones are still not accurate. 
This was always an issue with any corporate branding or colour specific logos.

The next leap for inkjet colour reproduction was to add in the light shades - light magenta, light cyan and light grey.

These colours widened the overall colour space and helped especially with gradations between a single colour.
As well as adding the options for all the light colours plus the orange, Roland has now gone one further by incorporating clever tech to help behind the scenes.
Their new colour management preset, True Rich Colour, is designed to utilise all available colour channels. It combines superior colour vibrancy with ‘neutral greys, smooth gradations and natural skin tones.’
If you’ve got all these options for colour, you sure want the machine to know what to do with them!

Colour range is important, but what about quality and durability?

Thankfully, the new TR2 inkset has all the accreditations. From 3M and their MCS which provides assurance of quality and reliability through to Avery Dennison’s ICS guarantee and the GREENGUARD Gold for safe indoor applications. Whatever the application, from vehicle graphics and banners to wallpapers and beyond, TR2 has your print covered.

Finally, TrueVIS doesn’t just stop with the TR2 inks. The new VG2 has improved upon the award-winning VG printhead with the VG2 FlexFire printheads.
Superior colour definition is only 100% possible when combined with incredibly accurate printhead technology. TrueVIS has them both.

So, that’s a brief walk around the new Roland printers with their TrueVis tech.

Still unsure as to what they can bring to your business? Get in touch to arrange time in our demo room to see the colour claims with your own eyes.

For more about Roland, check out this post for a quick delve into their history in print.

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