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For Window Graphics Without White Ink – Drytac WindowTac

May 29, 2019 2 min read

As discussed in a previous post on window graphics, white ink can be seen as something of a necessity when creating eye-catching window graphics.

Use a clear self-adhesive vinyl or Viziprint Impress, print your customer’s message in full head-turning colour and back up in white to make sure the branding is written large and legible.

The white ink stops the print looking washed out and gives the definition needed for a window graphic printed on a clear media.

  • But what if your machine doesn’t run a white inkset?
  • How can you achieve the same impact with standard CMYK? 

Well, it just so happens that we’ve got a product from Drytac that will get you up and running without the need for white ink.

WindowTac is a double-sided mount film that’s applied over the face of the print.

It’ll stick to paper for a short term cost-effective solution or to something more robust like a tear-resistant synthetic, blockout banner or even a roll-up film to prevent excess show-through. 

In fact, WindowTac has a permanent adhesive on one side that will effectively stick to most flat media and create a firm bond that will keep the graphic in place for as long as needed.

Now that’s the face of the print fixed but what about sticking it to the window?

That’s the clever part. The reverse side of WindowTac mount film has a removable adhesive. A specially designed glue that is grippy enough to cling onto glass or acrylic but, when it comes to removal time, is guaranteed to lift away cleanly and without leaving any mess or residue.

Oh, and it also comes with a textured release liner that creates channels in the removable adhesive to make the application completely wrinkle and bubble-free. Similar to Drytac’s SpotOn, the air release formula makes for a much simpler installation. In fact, we’d say that any store assistant could easily get this month’s sales message onto the inside of the windows without fuss. 

Unlike a more traditional window graphic, WindowTac can also be dry applied. No messing around with water and squeegees, just peel off the textured backing sheet and apply.

WindowTacfrom Drytac and Granthams – a simple everyday solution for any inkjet window project. And with no white ink needed… 

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