Drytac SpotOn - Guaranteed Bubble-Free Vinyl Every Time?

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Drytac SpotOn - Guaranteed Bubble-Free Vinyl Every Time?

May 13, 2019 3 min read

We know a flatbed applicator can really make the job of laying self-adhesive vinyl onto boards a much simpler task. But what other options are there for applying consistent bubble-free vinyl if you just don’t have space?

One new product from Drytac could well hold the answer…

As a recent distributor for Drytac print media and laminates we’re reviewing all the new materials available and working out what makes them unique. We’re keen to show off their real-world benefits without resorting to all the spec sheet mumbo-jumbo.

Their SpotOn  product is just such a product that’s well worth having a closer look at. 

We could go on about how by Drytac using a monomeric 100mic film it's a little bit thicker than a standard 80mic or so vinyl making it easier to handle.

Or we could mention how the one SpotOn range is suitable for solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV curable printers. Regardless of how many different technologies you run, the single SpotOn system will work flawlessly on all these different inkjet machines. 

We could also state how Drytac SpotOn’s adhesive has been created to be fully re-positionable and even (if stored with a little care) reusable.

So, your client has repeating project graphics? No problem with SpotOn. The adhesive is even guaranteed to leave no residue behind regardless of what it's being applied to.

Ok, so we could have gone into the details about all of these separate qualities.

However, this post looks at just how easy it is to apply SpotOn onto boards, walls, windows and more.

The key to applying vinyl is to get it down in one pass. That's one of the main reasons why the flatbed applicators are becoming so popular.

Anyway, whether it’s by hand or laminator, you want to mount it without any air getting trapped between the substrate and the sticky.

Trapped air bubbles are the bane of any installation. Its why we methodically smooth out digital wallpapers when decorating and its the same with vinyl graphics onto walls or windows.

Any bubbles under the vinyl are just going to sit there unless they are tediously popped out with a scalpel or repeatedly smoothed out along to the edges. 

But what if you could stop them getting trapped in the first place? And that is where Drytac SpotOn comes into its own.

Using a unique dot pattern adhesive on the reverse, the channels between the dots make it super simple to squeeze the air out on application.


Think of these channels as clear air superhighways that, when the vinyl is smoothed out, they allow the bubbles to zip along and be set free at the edges. With no way of air being trapped in, SpotOn is guaranteed to be bubble free in the middle or anywhere else across the substrate.

Now, that's all well and good when using a laminator but what about when on site and applying large scale graphics to windows and walls?

Thankfully it's just as simple to apply even when you’re out and about. The same gentle smoothing out motion will release any air bubbles and even on a tricky install, SpotOn will make the project so much easier to handle.

So, if you’re looking for a new self-adhesive vinyl that not only looks good when printed, comes in gloss and matte, white and clear, all at 1372mm width by 50m long reels, and can be used for all short term internal promotions without the need to be wet applied and floated on, look no further.

Get in touch to arrange a sample.

Oh, and we could have also mentioned how the dots on the reverse are virtually impossible to see once the graphic has been applied. There is no golf ball type pattern through the print to spoil the image with Drytac SpotOn, but we’ll let you find that out for yourself.

If you’d be interested in more information or pricing across the SpotOn Range, please contact us here

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