Drytac Viziprint Impress - Window Graphics Made Simple?

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Drytac Viziprint Impress - Window Graphics Made Simple?

April 25, 2019 2 min read

Window graphics can be tricky to print and often even trickier to install.

We’ve seen clings that just won’t cling, dry apply films that just don’t go down, wet apply graphics that stay milky for days (or more) at a time and even clear films that just weren’t, well…clear.

A new product from Drytac might just make the whole window graphics installation a whole lot simpler.

Viziprint Impress is an exclusive optically clear polyester film that uses micro-sucker wizardry to stick to the glass.

When the filmic liner is peeled away, you won't feel any adhesive or tackiness but when it's applied to the glass, wow, it really sticks!

The beauty of this no-adhesive know-how means that it can be re-applied as many times as necessary and it will never lose its stickiness.

This is down to the micro-suckers - if there is no ‘adhesive’, then it can’t lose any.

Polyester is the gold standard in optical clarity when it comes to clear inkjet media. It’s stability against UV light and heat doesn’t hurt either, especially when it’s stuck to glass for potentially months at a time.

In fact, Drytac guarantees that Viziprint Impress can be cleanly removed from windows even after 3 years. Try that with a monomeric self-adhesive vinyl!

Talking about standard self-adhesive PVCs, Viziprint is also 100% PVC free. Handy when your customer wants to look at non-PVC product alternatives for their next window graphic campaign.

As standard, there are versions for latex, eco and full solvent plus UV so all the latest technologies are covered.

Available as a clear, white or as the Iluminate backlit film version - perfect for lightboxes or semi-opaque window applications - Viziprint Impress could well be your new go-to window film.

If you’re running a UV machine with a white inkset then Viziprint Impress really comes into its own.

Reverse printing with the full image or sections backed up in white really helps the promotion pack a punch.

For highly effective window graphics, talk to us about how media such as the Viziprint plus new tech like the Mimaki UCJV can really add some value to your business and fresh opportunities within your customer base.

For more on finding the right media, there are posts here on digital wallcoverings , self-adhesives, and roller banner films.

Keep our blog bookmarked as the next post will be on looking at another Drytac speciality grade that you might have missed - Drytac Spot-On.

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