Grantham's Guide to Vehicle Graphics

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Grantham's Guide to Vehicle Graphics

December 02, 2021 3 min read

Vehicle graphics, decals and wraps

24/7 Advertising is an attractive prospect for any business and vehicle graphics are one way of achieving this. If you have vehicles travelling regularly you are missing a trick if you don't have vehicle livery on them. From motorbikes, boats, cars, trucks to racing cars and aircraft - if it moves you can apply graphics to it or even do a full wrap. Granthams stock a range of robust and reliable print and cut machines utilising the very latest technology and able to take a huge range of media.

Sign manufacturers and print service providers will be able to undertake the work with a quick, high quality turnaround.

Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping

Full or part vehicle wraps are extremely popular right now for a few reasons. Not only do they look impressive and reinforce a brand presence, wraps also serve as protection against the elements. Any company you choose to undertake this for you will not only have to have vehicle wrapping skills but also the vehicle wrap printing machines that will be able to produce vibrant, high-quality graphics quickly and reliably. Grantham's range of print/cut machines from Mimaki and Roland are all perfect for wrapping vehicles, providing a super high quality finish and giving the client that high impact 24/7 advertising solution.

Recommended machines:

Car stickers and decals

Car Decals

Car decals or a real profit making opportunity. Create unique car bumper stickers or branded logos with Grantham's range of sticker printing machines from Mimaki and Roland make it easy to manufacture die-cut sticker logos, window graphics or bumper stickers and a huge range of self-adhesive media.

Recommended machines:

Window Tinting

Window tinting

You can really improve the look of a vehicle by tinting the windows with to a beautiful finish. As well as looking good, it can also provide UV protection from the sun and vehicle security. You should only need a vinyl cutter for this and it makes for a great stream of extra income for any printing or sign manufacturing business. The same process applies for creating clear paint protection films that protect the original paint job of the car and keep it looking newer and in better condition.

Recommended machine:

Fleet Graphics

Vehicle Fleet Graphics

Printing and cutting new branding for an entire fleet of vehicles is a large undertaking and you will need printing and cutting equipment that is able to get the job done economically and efficiently giving you or your staff more time to apply the graphics. Granthams provide an excellent range of large format printing machines that a very well suited to this type of high-volume fleet livery. Whether it's a fleet of cars, trucks or vans you can rest assured the quality will be consistently high on each and every vehicle.

Recommended machines:

Boat and Aircraft Graphics

Boat Graphics

You are not limited to land vehicles when it comes to vehicle graphics. Using specialist media in conjunction with Mimaki or Roland print and cut solutions will allow you to print/cut graphics for boats and aircraft. You will need a machine that can produce high quality output with a large colour gamut and exceptional outdoor durability. Our large format printers combine state of the art inks, software and hardware together for a superb solution to boat and aircraft livery.

Recommended machines:

Car Pin Striping

Vehicle Pin Striping

Pinstriping your motorbike or car allows you to add that little bit of something special to the finish of the vehicle. From curved lines following the contour of the car to straight lines, flames or gradients, the potential is endless. Use a cutting plotter to cut these lines or patterns from coloured vinyl or you could use a print-and-cut device for a full colour finish to your lines and shapes.

Recommended machine:

Metallic Ink Graphics

Metallic Vehicle Graphics

Metallic colours are a relatively new addition to vehicle graphics. You can use hue's of silver, gold, pearlescent colours or bronze with certain printer/cutters. Roland manufacturer Eco-Sol Max metallic ink for this very purpose. Adding metallic colours to you car, boat, truck or any vehicle with result in a high impact, eye-catching graphic perfect for motorsports, boats or motorbikes particularly.

Recommended machines:

Professional Motorsports Graphics

Motorsports Vehicle Graphics

Taking your large format printing services into the motorsports industry can be very lucrative. Full vehicle wraps are a common site as well as sponsor decals and helmet personalisation. Obviously this type of vehicle graphic needs to be durable so you will need a machine that can produce high-quality, durable graphics.

Recommended machines:

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