Mimaki steps up LED-UV flatbed inkjet printer range

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Mimaki steps up LED-UV flatbed inkjet printer range with two powerful and creative additions

April 20, 2021 2 min read

The new Mimaki JFX600-2513
The new Mimaki JFX600-2513 is a large-format LED-UV flatbed inkjet printer featuring high speeds and high productivity, as well as a wider colour gamut and increased media flexibility for a broader range of applications.

Mimaki has announced the release of two new LED-UV large-format flatbed inkjet printers, the JFX600-2513 and the JFX550-2513. Available after summer 2021, the new models are engineered for high speeds and high productivity, and offer print service providers a broader range of applications thanks to a wider range of ink types and increased media flexibility.

The JFX600-2513 and the JFX550-2513 build on the success of the popular JFX500-2131 largeformat UV inkjet printer. With the aim of tackling the high-end UV flatbed market, the new models bear a substantially higher number of print heads, allowing for the JFX600-2513 to reach speeds of more than 300 percent faster than its predecessor, and the JFX550-2513 over 150 percent faster. Available in a six colour configuration, the wide variety of ink sets facilitates vibrant, intense colours perfect for striking indoor and outdoor signage and display graphics.

Thanks to Mimaki’s seventh-generation UV print technology, the range of media these new models support opens the door for a myriad of applications including large-scale decoration, sign displays, and interior materials. With a maximum printing area of 2.5m x 1.3m and a thickness of 6cm, both the JFX600-2513 and the JFX550-2513 are compatible with standard size signboard production, and their direct-to-substrate capabilities also allow for printing on resin, wood, glass, and metal. Both printers are also capable of ‘2.5D’ multi-layered printing, creating raised texture effects for high-value, tactile applications.

Bert Benckhuysen, Senior Product Manager at Mimaki Europe, comments, “With more speed, colours, and media options, there is a whole world of opportunities with the new JFX600-2513 and JFX550-2513. As the market leader in large format UV flatbed printing, Mimaki is driven by the creativity and resilience of our customers to keep innovating and improving what we do. The predecessor to these latest models, the JFX500-2131, gave us a strong foundation to build on, and we have pushed the boundaries of productivity and versatility to bring two more world-class LED-UV large-format flatbed inkjet printers to market.”

Mimaki is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services Ltd and the company’s Managing Director, Brett Newman anticipates strong uptake of the new models. “Mimaki’s continual drive to respond to market demand for increased productivity, quality and innovation has shaped the development of these two new JFX models. Providing a hugely capable solution for companies looking to boost their capacity and introduce new levels of creativity, we very much look forward to bringing them to market later this year.”

The UV inks developed in-house for the JFX600-2513 and JFX550-2513 have been certified as “GREENGUARD Gold” for meeting exacting chemical substance standards and environmental safety requirements, as defined by independent safety organization UL. In addition, the new models support Mimaki’s “MDL command”, allowing operators to control machines from external devices resulting in both JFX machines complying with Industry 4.0 requirements, making it possible to integrate them into an automated workflow.

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