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Mimaki SS21 Solvent Ink Cartridge - 440ml

Light Cyan
Light Magenta
Light Black

Mimaki SS21 Solvent Ink Cartridge - 440ml

Original Mimaki SS21 Solvent Ink Cartridge

Mimaki SS21 ink is made from an organic solvent, enabling quick drying due to the volatility of the solvent. This enables direct printing onto PVC, amost other substrates, which are extensively used for both indoor and outdoor signage and displays.

In addition to excellent weatherability and rub-fastness, our unique inkjet technology provides super-high picture quality without a granular appearance. SS21 shows very little fading even when in an accelerated test equivalent up to 3 years.

Mimaki solvent inks are reputed worldwide for their beautiful long-lasting nature and are used as a standard ink for signage printing. Mimaki SS21 ink are GREENGUARD GOLD certified.

Hybrid’s ‘Let's Do More’ programme benefits both the Mimaki printer owner and the environment with an innovative approach to a distributor led recycling scheme. Click here for more details.

Available in the following options:

  • Cyan - 440ml Product Code: SPC-0501C
  • Magenta - 440ml Product Code: SPC-0501M
  • Yellow - 440ml Product Code: SPC-0501Y
  • Black - 440ml Product Code: SPC-0501K
  • Light Cyan - 440ml Product Code: SPC-0501LC
  • Light Magenta - 440ml Product Code: SPC-0501LM
  • Light Black - 440ml Product Code: SPC-0501Lk
  • Orange - 440ml Product Code: SPC-0501Or
  • White - 220ml Product Code: SPC-0501W
  • Silver - 220ml Product Code: SPC-0501Si

Suitable for the following printers:

  • CJV30
  • CJV150
  • CJV300
  • JV5
  • JV33
  • JV150
  • JV300
  • Cyan:
  • Magenta:
  • Yellow:
  • Black:
  • Light Cyan:
  • Light Magenta:
  • Light Black:
  • Orange:
  • White:
  • Silver: