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Mimaki PR-200 UV Primer Ink


Mimaki PR-200 UV Primer Ink

Original Mimaki PR-200 UV Primer Ink- 1 Litre Bottle

PR-200 is a UV primer made by Mimaki. It's primary function is to improve ink adhesion, therefore enabling print on to materials that are not always intended. Primer is applied to the surface of the media, prior to colour printing, eliminating labour-intensive manual priming. PR-200 offers a much stronger adhesion than its predecessor.

Mimaki UV-curable ink is cured and adhered to the media or substrate by UV LED radiation. The print is already dried when it comes out of the printer, allowing a short delivery request to be met. Printing on non-absorbent materials, including plastic, glass, and metal, is available. The LED–UV ink curing system not only provides high quality printing with speed but also meets various demands from users with high media compatibility.

Mimaki UV inks are GREENGUARD GOLD certified.


Available in the following options:

  • Primer PR-200 - 1 Litre Product Code: PR200-Z-BA

Suitable for the following printers:

  • JFX200-2513
  • JFX200-2513 EX
  • JFX200-2531
  • JFX500-2131
  • UJF-3042 Mk II
  • UJF-3042 Mk II EX
  • UJF-6042
  • UJF-6042 HG
  • UJF-6042 FX
  • UJF-6042 Mk II
  • UJF-7151 Plus
  • Primer PR-200: