GranthamsGT - Keencut SmartFold Bench

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Keencut SmartFold Bench


Model Options

1) Keencut Bench (compatible with the SmartFold)

Specifically designed to create the optimum cutting platform for the Evolution3 SmartFold.

The SmartFold Bench is specifically designed to create the optimum cutting platform for the Evolution3 SmartFold. The complete stability and perfectly flat surface will ensure reliable and precise accuracy for every cut.

Click on the correct bench size below for worktop sizes

SFB110 – SmartFold Bench 110
SFB160 – SmartFold Bench 160
SFB210 – SmartFold Bench 210
SFB260 – SmartFold Bench 260
SFB310 – SmartFold Bench 310
SFB360 – SmartFold Bench 360


Direct fixing for maximum strength

The Evolution3 SmartFold cutter bar is fixed to the bench via an extremely strong aluminium extrusion on the cutting edge of the bench; this design creates the optimum cutting platform.

Worktop options

The SmartFold Bench is supplied without a worktop, giving you the freedom to choose your own. You can use any suitable sheet material for the worktop, including glass. You can use standard 1.22m (4′) wide boards to form the worktop, or 1.525m (5′) wide boards if you fit the cantilever extension. Worktop dimensions are shown in the table below. They should be 18mm (3/4″) thick in order to finish flush with the base plate of the Evolution3 SmartFold cutter.

Cantilever extension

Due to the integral strength of the Proteus construction, the SmartFold Bench can be extended to a 1.525m (5’) width worktop, using a specially designed cantilever system. The cantilever kit is included as standard. As well as extending the bench this gives an overhang, under which you can fit a stool or tall chair for comfortable working and legroom. The cantilever extension is fitted to the rear, non-cutter edge of the bench. Evolution3 cutters must be fitted to the front edge which benefits from stronger support and a custom mounting plate for the cutter.


Five year guarantee

Built from high-grade aluminium alloy, Keencut benches offer a lifetime of service. The clean good looks are maintained through a quality anodising process. By manufacturing in-house, with only the highest quality materials, Keencut is confident to offer a comprehensive five year guarantee.