Keencut Evolution3 BenchTop


Lift-and-Hover advanced clamp technology enabling minute precision adjustments of media before cutting
Double Graphik QuikSwap head as standard
Robust HD-Trak with steel bearing system
Optional interchangeable heads available
Sightline strip
Requires a cutting mat for delicate materials
Can be mounted on Keencut Modular bench or existing bench system
Available in 5 sizes from 1.10m to 3.10m in 50cm increments

Quick and easy
Raise the clamp with minimal effort
Lift-and-Hover* holds the cutter bar just above the media
Anti-sag holds the cutter bar parallel to the surface of the media
Sightline strip shows exactly where the cut will be made

Simple to use
Intuitive - minimal training needed
Operates from either end
Single person operation even with the largest sheet size

Saves time and money
Better alignment means fewer mistakes and less waste
Faster working for higher productivity

Reliable and built to last
Designed and manufactured to Keencut’s exacting standards of precision
5 year warranty


Quickswap Tool Heads

QuikSwap tool heads have been designed to offer maximum flexibility and increased productivity. 

  • Each QuikSwap head is designed for a specific purpose, e.g., general cutting, creasing or fabric cuttingAttaches or detaches from cutter in seconds
  • Mount single or multiple tool heads to suit your work 
  • On-going development of new QuikSwap heads will offer a fully future-proof cutting solution
  • Graphik tool head supplied as standard with every Keencut Evolution3 - other tool heads available as optional extras