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Eco-Pro Ink Cartridge - 500ml (Roland Compatible)

Light Cyan
Light Magenta

Roland Compatible Eco-Pro Ink Cartridge - 500ml

Compatible Roland Eco-Pro Ink Cartridge

Save up to 50% with Granthams Eco-Pro ink, fully compatible with Roland Eco-Sol MAX. Granthams premium, next-generation, Eco Solvent ink has been formulated as a specific OEM colour match for Roland Eco-Sol MAX ink. Significantly improve durability of printed output as well as alcohol, scratch and abrasion resistance. You can immediately achieve improvements in your print production whilst also benefitting from cost savings with a simple changeover from the OEM inks, with no need for flushing.

No need for colour management or custom profiling adjustments when converting to Eco-Pro inks as they are colour matched to Roland EcoSol MAX ink. Suitable for all print speed modes and designed with no odour, for an improved working environment.

Available in the following options:

  • Cyan - 500ml Product Code: EP-500-C
  • Magenta - 500ml Product Code: EP-500-M
  • Yellow - 500ml Product Code: EP-500-Y
  • Black - 500ml Product Code: EP-500-K
  • Light Cyan - 500ml Product Code: EP-500-LC
  • Light Magenta - 500ml Product Code: EP-500-LM

Suitable for the following printers:

  • Roland SC-540
  • Roland RS-640
  • Roland SC-500
  • Roland SC-540
  • Roland SJ-500
  • Roland SJ-740
  • Roland SP-300
  • Roland SP-300i
  • Roland SP-300v
  • Roland SP-540i
  • Roland SP-540v
  • Roland VP-300
  • Roland VP-300i
  • Roland VP-540
  • Roland VP-540i
  • Roland VS-300
  • Roland VS-420
  • Roland VS-540
  • Roland VS-640
  • Roland XC-540
  • Roland XJ-540
  • Roland XJ-640
  • Roland XJ-740
  • Cyan:
  • Magenta:
  • Yellow:
  • Black:
  • Light Cyan:
  • Light Magenta: