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Summa S Class 3 75 TC-Series Vinyl Cutter with OPOS CAM


TC75 - 84 cm (33 inch) vinyl and contour cutting

The Summa S Class 3 not only masters precision and versatility, but it also proves to be a durable workhorse built to last. Constructed with premium materials, it can withstand heavy use while delivering consistent, high-quality results day in, day out.

From vinyl cutting to precise digital die-cutting and plotting on various materials, the S Class 3 is a true do-it-all cutter, catering to a myriad of creative needs. It is your ultimate choice for handling expensive foils and valuable vinyl prints with precision and reliability. Prepare to elevate your cutting endeavours to new heights of excellence with European craftsmanship. Place your trust in the S Class 3 cutters, and you’ll never look back.

The S Class 3 has three different heads available: the D series, specifically for drag knife technology, the T series, for tangential knife technology, and the TC Series, which combines the knife and fibre pen or knife and creasing tool.

Various tools are also available to help cut, crease, and draw on your materials. As well as a tray tool to keep everything organised, to make your workflow as efficient as possible. Choose your path to perfection with our D series, T series, or TC series cutting head, each with its distinct advantages.

The TC models are equipped with the most advanced cutting head in the Roll Cutter Series. The high precision cutting head can now carry two tools, allowing FlexCut and kiss-cut in combination with creasing or drawing. All without changing tools

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Specifically designed for high volume cutting environments.

1) D75 - 84 cm (33 inch) vinyl and contour cutting

2) D120 - 130 cm (51 inch) vinyl and contour cutting

3) D140 - 145 cm (57 inch) vinyl and contour cutting

4) D160 - 168 cm (66 inch) vinyl and contour cutting


Achieve unparalleled accuracy and precision, down to the smallest detail.
1) T75 - 84 cm (33 inch) vinyl and contour cutting

2) T120 - 130 cm (51 inch) vinyl and contour cutting

3) T140 - 145 cm (57 inch) vinyl and contour cutting

4) T160 - 168 cm (66 inch) vinyl and contour cutting


Dual Tool functionality - FlexCut and kiss-cut in combination with creasing or drawing - as well as a camera for even faster print and cut recognition.

1) TC75 - 84 cm (33 inch) vinyl and contour cutting

2) TC160 - 168 cm (66 inch) vinyl and contour cutting

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Advanced vinyl and contour cutters for high-volume vinyl and digital print shops

The S Class 3 tangential and drag-knife cutters pave the way for cutting excellence through an efficient and productive workflow. A broad range of integrated and optional features take your cutting workflow and operator comfort to the next level.

True Tangential Cutting Technology
The highly-engineered tangential cutting heads on the S Class 3T Series have a unique motorised knife, allowing the cutters to achieve unparalleled accuracy and precision down to the smallest details. Our True Tangential cutting technology even handles heavy sandblasts, paint masks, and reflective materials.

Fast and Accurate Cutting with OPOS CAM (S Class 3 TC)
The new camera is more performant with even faster recognition abilities thanks to automatic data processing in the cutter instead of the external software. It allows you to excel with extremely fast and precise cutting of short or long-run contour-cutting jobs.

Dual Head Functionality (S Class 3 TC)
The S Class 3 TC models are the most advanced cutters of the S3 Series. Their high-precision cutting head can now carry two tools at once. This allows you to cut and crease or cut and draw without changing tools.

Smart Object Sorting and Panelling
The Smart Object Sorting feature is designed to select the most optimal starting point for cutting objects, every single time. In addition, the unique Smart Panelling function improves cutting accuracy and simplifies post-processing. When panelling is, e.g., set to 40cm, all objects within this range are cut at once.

Summa GoSign Software
Our powerful in-house GoSign software allows you to manage your preferred workflow straightforwardly and with great flexibility.