Roland TrueVIS AP-640 Resin Printer

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Roland TrueVIS AP-640 Resin Printer (64-inch)


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1) TrueVIS AP-640

Max. print width - 1615 mm (63.5 in)

This newly developed Resin model offers incredible print quality alongside impressive production speeds. New TA inks have great colour reproduction and are compatible with a wide range of media including self-adhesive vinyl, banner, coated and uncoated papers and substrates for interior decoration.

Compared against other technologies on the market, Resin ink is instant drying (ready to be applied / laminated / cut immediately) and virtually odourless, while still retaining high-colour saturation and precise results.

Highest Quality Print: Variable Dot Piezo print heads allow excellent reproduction with smooth transitions high definition and solid fills

Excellent Ink Performance: Water-based instant dry and virtually odourless ink that can be immediately finished on a wide range of media for external and internal applications

Environmental: TA ink is certified under several industry standards including GREENGUARD Gold and is rated A for interior air quality

Low Running Costs: Intuitive dryer system minimises electricity usage long lasting Piezo heads reduce consumable costs and dedicated profiles ensure optimum ink delivery for each media


The highly concentrated colour pigmentation
 of TrueVIS Resin Ink enables heavier colour saturation than conventional resin inks and printers for optimum graphic impact on paper, fabric, canvas, wallpaper, non-PVC materials, and other media.

With very low VOC emissions, Roland DG resin inks are ideal for interior applications where safety and compliance are the highest priority.

Touch-Panel Operation

A 7-inch, full-color touch panel with intuitive settings and functions makes print operations simple. Clearly defined icons for set-up, maintenance, print volume, consumables, print status, and more allow for a convenient, streamlined workflow. 

High-Productivity Dryer Unit

Newly designed drying unit allows prints to dry quickly and completely before proceeding to the next process, saving hours of production time.

Automatic Gap Adjustment

Media gap and feed compensation can now be adjusted automatically with a single button. The AP uses optical registration technology to ensure print accuracy and avoid variations in output.
Included Take-Up Unit

An adjustable take-up provides print stability for a wide variety of popular media. It also allows easy installation of a loading platform for clean, efficient media collection.