GranthamsGT - Rhino SupaSeal Self-Healing Cutting Mat

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Rhino SupaSeal Self-Healing Cutting Mat

PLEASE NOTE: the price stipulated is per metre. Unless you state otherwise, orders for more than one metre of the same width will be supplied as a single length.

Cut to size or multiple sheets / lengths are available upon request. 

Our SupaSeal clear-cutting mats offer long term durability and exceptional self-healing properties and provide a perfect cutting surface. SupaSeal cutting mats are completely clear with a very slight blue tint.

  • Exceptional self-healing properties.
  • 5mm Thick & double-sided for twice the life.
  • Ideal for Medium to Heavy duty cutting applications or a tough workbench.
  • Available in 5 widths and up to 20-metres in a single length
  • Suitable for all types of applications including Flat-Bed Laminator / Roller Tables to protect the glass bed including the Rollover, RollsRoller, Bubble-Free, CWT, Kala, Rapid Applicator, RiteRoller, V Roller, Mounters Mate Smart Station and Mounters Mate Workstation Pro-Series
  • Free of phthalate plasticisers
  • Great alternative to rubber workbench mats or silicone mats (self-healing and no odour).
  • A great investment for your workplace – protects your work surface, and with great hygienic ‘easy clean’ and waterproof properties, means you can keep your bench looking fantastic.
  • The Supaseal range also offers great non-slip properties