Our Top 5 Sign Printers

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Our Top 5 Sign Printers

Similar to most industries, the sign industry has advanced technologically at an unprecedented rate over the last 20 years. In the early late 1990's, if you wanted to create a multi-colour design for a shop facia or vehicle, you would have needed to cut multiple colours of vinyl and apply them in layers to the surface you were working on.

This all changed in the early 2000's with the birth of the solvent printer. Incidentally Granthams had a rather large part to play in this new technology, have a read here.

Sign makers are now able to print complex designs with full colour onto vinyl in a fraction of the time it would take to cut multiple rolls of vinyl and apply those colours in layers.

What types of signs can you manufacture using this type of signage printer?

If you go to any village, town or city in the world and look around, you will see signs. From offices and shops to vehicles and bus-stops, signs exist everywhere in all different shapes, sizes. 

Interior/office signage.

Offices are a great place to showcase stylish signage these days. Just look at the offices of Facebook and Google to see how elegant office signage can really lift the professionalism of an office environment. You might find window signs that use a window film showcasing the company logo, door signs/plaques or adhesive way-finding wall signs like safety signs, toilet signs or maybe a company's mission statement in full view of all staff and visitors.

Since COVID19 it has been important to direct people round premises in the safest way possible whether it be schools, supermarkets, hotels etc. . Use floor signage to direct people using arrows and directions. However, floor signage doesn't have to be used just for health and safety, you can also use it to create amazing optical illusions and novel effects.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Large Format External Signage 

Large banners are perfect for conveying a message. Whether the are designed vertically or horizontally they provide a quick, relatively cost effective sign printing solution for any business.
Soft signage is defined as the use of soft materials for graphic display. Digital textile printing is a great example of soft signage. The materials are lighter than most traditional sign materials so these types of signs are cheaper to transport.
With hanging banners you can rise above the noise of everything that is going on and really catch someone's attention. If you're using a roll to roll printer you can go as high as you like.

Let's get to it... Our top 5 best Sign Printers

Large Format Mimaki CJV150 Signage Printer

1) Large Format Mimaki CJV150 Signage Printer

Affordable, high-spec, high-performance, integrated printer/cutter.CJV150 Series integrated printer/cutter from Mimaki provides high performance, creativity and versatility with vibrant ink types, including new Silver, Orange and Light Black, in a cost effective package for sign makers, display graphics professionals and print shops.

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2) WIDE FORMAT Roland SG3 Signage Printer

Whether you are just starting out or are looking to take your business to the next level, SG3 printer/cutters deliver the trusted quality of the award-winning TrueVIS brand with a streamlined workflow and the super-fast same-day turnaround speeds you need. Available in two sizes, the SG3 series combines impressive performance with incredible value and is certified by the industry’s leading media manufacturers. Show your customers what you can do with TrueVIS SG3.

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3) Roland VG3 Sign Printer

With more than 40 exciting enhancements from the previous award-winning VG series, TrueVIS VG3 printer/cutters are engineered to meet, then exceed the quality and production needs of today’s most demanding print professionals with prints that can be finished in as little as 6 hours*. 

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4) HP Latex 335 Sign Printer

Successor to the HP Latex 330, the 335 allows you to expand you range of applications and create new opportunities for your business. With a compact design, it is ideal for smaller workspaces. At 64-inches wide, the HP Latex 335 Printer is equipped with everything needed to begin producing highly versatile and outstanding graphics for either indoors or outdoor application.

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HP Latex 335 Sign Printer
HP Latex 365 Sign Printer

5) HP Latex 365 Sign Printer

Successor to the HP Latex 360, the 365 allows you to expand your range of applications and create new opportunities for your business. With a compact design, it is ideal for smaller workspaces. The HP Latex 365 Printer takes all the features of the L335, with some extra benefits to suit particular businesses within the sign and print industry, to help towards producing highly versatile and outstanding graphics for either indoors or outdoor application. 

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