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MetaDot Vinyl from Granthams GT

November 21, 2022 3 min read

Air Release Adhesive Makes For The Easiest Install

To introduce our new Metamark MetaDot vinyl and its innovative dot pattern adhesive, we’ve put together this post to show why air release vinyl may actually be a whole lot more cost effective than you ever thought…



For vehicle wrapping, air release systems have been on the shelf for a while and have become indispensable for a high-quality finish.

Metamark have their MetaScape system with channels of adhesive alongside air channels that effectively pushes the air out when squeegee-ing smooth. By allowing the air to be propelled out efficiently from behind the vinyl, there is no chance of bubbling.

Air release also helps during installation should the vinyl need to be lifted and reapplied – less glue means less sticking down initially and it’s only when the vinyl is smoothed out, the adhesive moves into the channels, pushes out the air and grips the substrate.

So, all good for high-end vehicle wraps but what about internal graphics where ease of application may not be all about the bubbling or rippling but more about the ease of use?

And that’s where MetaDot comes in.

It takes the technology behind MetaScape but incorporates an adhesive dot pattern rather than lines or channels.


MetaDot Vinyl 

Whereas the MetaScape lines expel air when smoothed out and the glue spreads across the air channels, the glue dots of MetaDot stay in place and act like a series of suckers keeping the sign stuck to the substrate.

As it’s not destined for use as a car wrap but made for use in shorter term signage, the air release isn’t just about creating a perfect bubble-free bond - MetaDot’s aim is for the simplest repositioning and removal possible. 

And it’s this simplicity that can reduce the cost of fitting.

We know that not every installation can have a professional team of fitters applying the graphics at every location. Not every project can stand the cost of sending a specialist team across the country to fit signage and graphics.

‘Standard’ vinyls can be tricky to fit but what if the product is so simple to apply, it can be positioned by one of the employees at the actual business?



Using MetaDot, we’re confident that anyone can apply the graphics.
The air spaces between the dots eliminates all possible bubbling and rippling, while the dots’ initial grip is enough to stay in place but not too aggressive that it can’t be easily lifted off and repositioned if needed.

Whether it’s going onto glass or to be placed on a painted wall, MetaDot removes all the difficulty in applying large stickers.

It’s designed for dry application so there’s no having to wet the wall and float the media on. As long as the substrate is clean and dry, MetaDot will grip and stay the course.




And as simple as it is to install…come the end of the campaign, it’s just as simple to remove.

Again, no cleaning up, no specialist removal techniques, just peel back and job done.

As an alternative to wallpaper, MetaDot is ideal.

There’s no need for any pasting or paste tables plus no mess or clean-up. With MetaDot, any internal application such as short-term pop-up shops that are ready for full branding, the job is as easy as it gets.
And as it can be applied to almost any smooth surface, your project is not just limited to the walls. The back of monitors, tills, under counters and fascia; anywhere that needs branding can now be covered.

Museum graphics that change frequently with each exhibition? No problem.

Seasonal campaigns across multiple stores? Produce on MetaDot, pack up the POS and ship to each location knowing the staff on-site will have no trouble applying the promotional print.



To sum up, MetaDot is incredibly simple to apply, stays in pace for the duration of the promotion and can be easily removed when it’s over. Easy as that.

There’s even a clear version for windows too.

To find out about other innovative Metamark products, check out our recent post on window graphic media.

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