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Granthams & Sign UK – Something New For 2019?

March 27, 2019 2 min read

Sign UK seems to come around quicker each year and I for one can’t believe it’s here again!

As an appetiser, this post looks at how we’ll do things differently for 2019. 

In previous years we’ve rolled in the latest Mimaki, HP printers or both and set them up with different types of media to show what they can do.
We’ve spent the show demonstrating the speed, efficiencies, and improved technologies with each new generation of printer.

This time we wanted to focus a little less on the machinery and more on the niches and innovation within our industry.
In 2019 we’ve decided to step back from the machine demonstrations and take a different route: this year we are using our product knowledge and customer experience to inspire.

As we speak with more and more customers, existing and new people, it’s apparent that inkjet printing has crept into more varied industries than you would ever have thought.

With the amount of crossover between different niches now being served by our industry’s technology, we aspire is to be the partner who develops ideas, shows what is possible and, hopefully, be the catalyst for a print company’s new product development and potential revenue stream.

From prototyping to home decor, soft fabrics to retail displays, this year we are adapting our approach and our stand to show just what is achievable from the latest printers from HP and Mimaki.
As a company that thrives on the most effective individual solutions for a clients’ custom requirements, we enjoy the daily challenge of product/customer fit.

Put our knowledge to the test on our stand at Sign UK 2019.

If you’ve got the mindset to make more from your machines, come over and let us help you grow your product mix and your market opportunities.

So, if you are looking for more than just another annual printer demonstration and really have a desire for innovative ideas in media, applications and end products, come over and talk to us.

This year we may have left the machinery back in Preston but innovation, ideas and enthusiasm, we brought a van load!

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