Universal Mild Solvent ink



Universal Mild Solvent inks (UMS) are Mutoh’s fourth generation of mild solvent inks. Specifically formulated for Mutoh’s roll-to-roll sign and display printers and intended for long-term outdoor and indoor applications, these environmentally friendly UMS inks combine key benefits of resin-based, eco solvent and mild solvent chemistries. They offer an unrivalled colour gamut, covering 83% of the Pantone® colour chart.

  • New blend of milder, non-aggressive solvents and multi-resin ink
  • Wide colour gamut covering 83% of the Pantone C colour chart
  • Virtually odourless, no need for forced ventilation
  • Outdoor UV resistance up to 3 years without lamination
  • Fixed and dried at regular heating temperatures
  • Suited for high quality, high speed printing
  • Ideal for a wide range of coating and uncoated substrates
  • Designed for volume users

UMS inks are available in 440ml cartridges and 1000ml bottles (with bulk ink system) depending on printer model.

Printer compatibility:

  • ValueJet 1204
  • ValueJet 1304
  • ValueJet 1324
  • ValueJet 1604
  • ValueJet 1614
  • ValueJet 1624
  • ValueJet 1638
  • ValueJet 1638X
  • ValueJet 2638
  • Rockhopper II/Rockhopper 3 (Extreme)
  • Spitfire 65/90/100 (Extreme)
  • Blizzard 65/90