Graphtec F-Mark 2 Sheet Fed Cutter

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Graphtec F-Mark 2 Sheet Fed Cutter


Automated Contour & Die cutting without operator on to a wide range of printed media. The new Graphtec CE6000/40 with iMark allows contour and die cutting without operator on adhesive sheets and digital prints on cardboard, silk-screen prints and print shop materials.


    • Uses A Graphtec CE6000-40 Cutting Plotter
    • Automatic Media Feeding Arm With Vacuum Suction Cups
    • Includes Media Catch Tray
    • Max Media Size: 330 x 483mm (SRA3)
    • Holds Up To 200 Sheets (35mm max stacked media height)
    • Allows For Automation In A Smaller Scale Workplace
    • Fully Compatible With Adobe Illustrator
    • Includes Dedicated F-Mark Software
    • Warranty: Plotter 2 Years | Feeder 1 Year


Operational Performance:

    • Die-Cutting
    • Kiss-Cutting
    • Perforation-Cutting


Graphtec 2 Studio Design Software included



How does the system work?

A mobile lever equipped with a vacuum suction cups lifts the sheets from the inbox tray and inserts them into the plotter.

Depending on the thickness and rigidity of the sheets, the machine may insert from 40 to 120 sheets; while the machine is in operation, additional sheets may be added without having to stop the machine. The system is equipped with an internal vacuum compressor, which does not require external air connections.

Proper alignment is achieved by crop mark reading for every sheet; a camera equipped with i-mark technology performs crop mark reading adjustments in a few tenths of a second. Crop mark reading offsets grade and distortion which occur using digital printing systems; the precision grade achieved is approximately 0.2 mm.

The sheet size that may be used ranges from the A4 format to 35cm wide; the suction cups are positioned at a distance of 24cm; for the A4 format, the sheet must be positioned on the long side.

In addition to the half cut for adhesive sheets, heavy cutting may also be performed for all the applications which require that, such as labels, business cards, shaped business cards, small boxes and more; it successfully cuts cardboard with grammage ranging from 200 to 350gr.

Cutting is performed in hatching mode, which leaves continuity points on the material to avoid detachment during cutting operations; cutting parameters are set by the program.

The plotter blade is designed with two positions; in the through cutting mode, it works by an opening which prevents the blade from wear while cutting the material Speed varies depending on the complexity of the outline, on average it runs 30-40 seconds when cutting adhesives, while for through cutting the speed is much slower and therefore it is more apt for small jobs or simple cuts.

If you would like more information to arrange demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 250207



Graphtec Pro Studio Design Software included


  • Supported Media Orientation: Portrait
  • Supported Standard Sized Media: A4 | SRA4 | A3 | SRA3
  • Interface To PC: Single Port Of USB (USB Hib Included)
  • Capacity Of Supply Tray: Up To 200 Sheets Or Up To 35mm In Height
  • Supported OS: Windows 10 | 8.1 | 8 | 7
  • Contour Cutting Data Format: Ai (Saved as Ai 8) | EPS | EPA CorelDRAW Files
  • Max Cutting Speed: 1ft 11.62″ Per Second
  • Max Cutting Force: 4.41N (450gf)