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ChalkMate Permanent Chalkboard Finish PVC Film

A chalkboard finish wherever you need it

ChalkMate Permanent offers a traditional chalkboard finish that can be used with both standard chalk and liquid chalk markers. It can be cut into custom shapes and designs to create a unique portable chalkboard to meet almost any requirement. The self-adhesive chalkboard finish printable PVC film is ideal for teaching environments, restaurants and bars, office and home use, promotional applications and more.

ChalkMate Permanent is an ideal solution for refinishing old chalkboards. It is also a great way of presenting a ‘market-style’ portable chalkboard finish in a retail setting or as menus and price lists in a restaurant or cafe.

Simple, innovative and very useful

ChalkMate Permanent has a traditional black chalkboard finish that can be used with standard chalk or liquid chalk markers. It features a permanent, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, making it ideal for fixture applications.

The specialist chalkboard finish PVC film can be installed on most smooth surfaces. It also can be used to make unique, custom chalkboard decals from die cut shapes or designs.

Designed to be installed on most smooth surfaces, ChalkMate is available as either a black or a green film backed with a permanent, water-based, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. For optimised customisation, the film can also be printed on using most brands of UV printer.

Ideal for in-store promotions and other interior use, ChalkMate has a Class 0 fire rating according to UK standards for surface spread of flame. This makes it perfect for applications in public areas that require compliance with strict fire regulations, such as airports, hotels and hospitals.

Printer Compatibility

  • UV

Suitable For

  • Write On/Wipe Off
  • Walls
  • Long Term Print Media
  • Architectural Graphics
  • Interior Decoration
  • Chalkboard Media