Easymount Matrix Duo Laminator/Encapsulator


The Matrix Duo is a multipurpose single/double sided roll fed laminating system ideal for both laminating and encapsulating.

  • Laminate or encapsulate with ease
  • Load up to 1000m in film length
  • Anti-curl bar gives perfect flat results
  • Available in two sizes SRA2 (455mm) or A1 (635mm)
  • Variable speed control
  • Solid construction heavy duty system
  • Anti-jam reverse mechanism
  • Attached safety shield
  • Independent heated rollers

The Matrix Duo gives the fexibility of single side lamination, encapsulation and even double side lamination providing an afordable and effective solution. The unique anti-curl bar on both models allows even the thinnest of laminates to be applied without the worry of a curled finish. Extension arms allow large rolls of film (up to 1000m) to be used saving changeover time.

The Matrix Duo is an innovative new laminating system designed for laminating and encapsulating. This model is available in 460 and 650mm widths.